We are a Web3 Software Agency

We build app, chains and tokenize assets, and invest in the ecosystem.

Nearly a decade of experience working for Cryptocurrency & Web3 customers.

We are highly experienced with how to tokenize real world assets (RWA). We can help from design, legals framework, tokenomics up to deployment and monitoring of specific crafted chains, or for smart-contracts, mobile app or web application.

We assist you in bringing your web3 customer-focused project live seamlessly.

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Some real-cases project we have worked on for our customers.Most of them are open source!

We helped in the funding, engineering and deployment of Apiance. It aims at providing a reliable set of financial datas and tools and work as a search engine for everything about Finance.
Dash Core Group, Inc
We brought ChainLock, Distributed MNList, Blockchain Account & D-API invention. We handle the development and leadership of Wallet Lib, DashJS, DashPay Wallet and DashJS. We managed the Github organization and some infrastructure key components.
JMES World
JMES World, GmbH
A companion app for an Art Ecosystem and currency. We oversaw the tokenomics, engineer team, infrastructure and development of the App and the Cosmos App Chain
We helped the french leader crypto exchange in their forward-thinking project and current development load. It include working on a new chain, a tokenomic model and writing their technical whitepaper along with many new chain integration and internal work.
Dash Incubator
Dash Incubator
We built DashPay Connect a chrome extension v3 that bring the same Metamask / Keplr experience to Dash users. It connects to L1 to manage wallets and account and to L2 to handle Blockchain Identity and Dash Platform interaction.